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  1. Angel — This is Patti Dillman. We have a budget of $200 for desserts for Frank’s birthday party on Saturday, June 18th. The party will be from 2 pm to 8 pm at our house at 555 Queensbridge, Lake Mary, FL. I would like that to include an assortment of bite desserts including mini cupcakes, mini fruit tarts and possibly something else. I was hoping for 75-100 of them. I also need a small birthday cake (like the size of a baby smash cake) with a Walking Dead theme. I have no idea which cupcakes to choose because there is so many choices. Frank cannot have nuts or seeds so none of the desserts should have that. Please contact me at 321-231-4785 to discuss further and we will be happy to give you a deposit if you would like one in advance. Thanks. I know you are busy trying to open the shop but wanted to get this on your radar.

  2. Hi do you deliver on Christmas Eve?

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